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Why Do You Need a Smart Garage Door Opener?

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

When it comes to just about anything, there is an app for that. You can access everything from your thermostat to your lights from your phone. That includes your garage door. A smart garage door connects to your phone and allows you to open and close it remotely, as well as other optional features including a built-in camera with two-way audio, LED lights and more.

When we talk to our customers who have upgraded to a smart garage door opener, safety and convenience are the two biggest benefits they mention of their smart Liftmaster garage door opener.

How does a smart garage door opener keep your family safer?

A smart garage door opener from MPIRE Improvements keeps your family safer by ensuring the largest opening into your home is closed. The myQ app sends push notifications to your phone whenever your garage door is left open longer than usual or during the timeframe you select to be notified during. In addition to notifying you when your garage door is left open, we also have smart garage door openers with built-in cameras and two-way audio so you can see what is going on in your garage from anywhere.

Here are some ways you can use your Liftmaster garage door opener from MPIRE Improvements to keep your family safer.

Program Lights When You’re Not Home

Whether you’re using your garage door for your main home, rental, vacation property or business, robbers may be watching it to determine when you’re there or not. Programming lights to turn on in your garage when you’re not home can make it appear as though someone just pulled in. With your included myQ Liftmaster garage door operator from MPIRE Improvements, you can program your corner-to-corner light to come on at certain times of the day to confuse would-be robbers and keep your home or business safe.

Integrate Your Opener with a Built-in Camera and Two-Way Audio

With a Liftmaster garage door opener with a built-in camera, you can check in on your visitors or kids through the two-way audio and camera. You’ll receive real-time notifications when your garage door is opened so you also know who is there.

Automatically Lock Your Garage Door

Your garage door is the largest access point into your home. It’s also the easiest entry point for break-ins. That is why we provide you the option of adding on an Automatic Garage Door Lock. This add-on locking mechanism attaches right to your residential garage door and stays locked until you open your garage. Once your door closes, it secures locks behind you.

A New Smart Garage Door from MPIRE Provides You Exceptional Convenience

In addition to the safety benefits, a smart garage door opener also makes your life easier.

Always Remember If You Closed Your Garage Door

How many times have you asked yourself if you forgot to close your garage door? Worry no more. With the Liftmaster MyQ app, you can check on the status of your garage door right from your smartphone, and close it if you forgot.

With real-time notifications, your LiftMaster myQ app reminds you to shut your garage door if it is left open. Enjoy peace of mind with the Liftmaster MyQ App from MPIRE Improvements.

Keep Track of Who Is Coming and Going

With the Liftmaster MyQ app, you will receive real-time notifications when your garage door is opened and closed. You can see and speak to your guests with our built-in camera and two-way audio.

MPIRE Improvements is your leading Central Kansas windows, doors and overhead doors provider. We are proud to bring you leading brands like Pella, Liftmaster and Amarr. We serve all of Central Kansas and are based out of Great Bend.

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