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Picture Windows

Picture windows, or fixed frame windows, are non-operable windows. As stationary windows that do not open, it’s common to pair picture windows with operable windows. Ideal for floor-to-ceiling designs, picture windows come in many different sizes and bring in stunning amounts of light. They are commonly placed in tall spaces where the glass is out of reach. Because they do not open, picture windows also offer enhanced security and energy efficiency.

Without grilles, picture windows feature simple, sleek frames that look like artwork on a wall. Adding grilles provides a more traditional touch, delivering timeless and charming design. 

Also known as: picture frame windows, fixed windows, fixed picture windows, fixed frame windows, fixed pane windows

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Picture Window Features

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

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Floor-to-Ceiling Option

Natural Light Replacement Window Central Kansas

Natural Lighting 

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

We are proud to be Platinum-Certified Pella Contractors, which means when you get your new windows through us, we can provide you with one of the best warranties in the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Questions About Casement Windows

When is a Picture Window Ideal?

Picture windows do not operate, so they are common in areas that are out of reach. They add natural light and increase curb appeal in places where you don't need the window to ventilate, such as tall foyers and stairways.

What is the Most Energy Efficient Window Option?

Picture windows are extremely energy efficient given that they do not open and close, which prevents the extreme Kansas temperatures and winds from entering your home. Also highly efficient are windows with dual- and triple-pane glass as they improve insulating properties and help reduce thermal transfer.

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