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Your Central Kansas solution.

MPIRE Improvements proudly serves Central Kansas for all your overhead door and replacement window needs. MPIRE Improvements is based in Great Bend, Kansas. 

We are Pella Platinum Certified contractors, which means our workmanship is of such quality that Pella stands by us with their best warranty in the business. 

MPIRE Improvements installs Amarr overhead doors, as well as Wayne Dalton. 


Rick Davis

Alan Burton

Mac Holman

The MPIRE Difference

If anyone has completed a construction project or knows someone who has, then you probably also know the excitement yet frustration that can accompany it.  MPIRE Improvements and Overhead Door was founded by us on the belief that we could improve that process.  With our roots in related companies that have long served the residential and commercial rental real estate industry, we have had our fair share of experience with contractors.  And we know what sets a good contractor apart from a less than stellar one.
Have you ever called for a quote and never received a call back?  Have you had a project half completed and then the contractor disappears for months on end (or maybe permanently)?  Have you been lucky enough to have a completed project only to find out that the quality of the work was less than expected?  Have you ever had unexplained cost overruns or a verbal “estimate” that nowhere near matched the final billing?
We have been on the customer side of all of these scenarios, and we know it isn’t fun.  At first, we decided that what we couldn’t get hired done right in a timely manner, we would do for ourselves on our own rentals.  And then we started to get inquiries.  “Who did your work?”  “Can you help with my project?”  “How much does something like that cost?”

And that’s when we decided the time had come to branch out.  So, we set out to do something better.  Something different.  Something unexpected.  We decided to create a contractor committed to you – the customer.

And to that end, here’s a little bit about what sets us apart:

Having been in the property business for years, we know that your home or business is a very personal thing.  If you decide to invest in your home or facility, you want it done right.  And that is where we step in.  Not only do we hire quality installers, but we also are selective in our suppliers and products.  We know that labor is expensive, but labor costs don’t usually go up to install a higher quality product that will stand the test of time. That is why we have partnered with only quality manufacturers including such names as Pella© and Onyx© to provide you premium products that are nothing short of the best. And as a Pella Certified Contractor, we have taken the extra step to make sure we install it right. With industry leading warranties, experienced installers and an acute attention to detail, we know you will be impressed with the quality of our work.



Remodeling can be confusing.  Measurements, r-values, gauges, styles, fascia, moldings, colors and endless other details.  How can you ever make a selection? That’s where we step in. Our experienced people aren’t just salesmen – they also have field experience and know what really works and what doesn’t.  We will walk you through the selection process so you get the right product for your budget and needs. And at the end of that process, you will get a professional quote that clearly lines out what you are getting and how much it will cost.  We will schedule your project so you know when the work will be completed. If we run into the unexpected (and yes, unfortunately sometimes that happens – we haven’t met any psychic contractors yet), we will provide you with your options and costs for approval before we proceed with the work.



We are committed to providing timely responses.  If you need a quote, we will be there to do it.  If you have a question on a project, we are only a phone call or e-mail away. If anything unexpected comes up during the process, you are going to hear from us. The only surprise we want you to have is when the project turns out even better than expected. 



The best part of using us is that we’ve already learned from our (and other’s) mistakes. We’ve remodeled our own investment properties, and we know what products and installation techniques work and which ones don’t (and our rentals sometimes experience more than the average amount of wear and tear).  So when we provide you a quote, it may not always be the cheapest, but it is going to be the best value for your hard earned dollar.  It will be a quality job done right on a reasonable schedule with installers you can trust and products that we would only use ourselves.  
We invite you to come see us and experience for yourself what sets us apart.  We look forward to being part of your next project. 


-    Your MPIRE Improvements Team

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