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Awning Windows

An awning window has hinges at the top of the frame, and swings outward from the bottom. They can open with the simple crank of a handle or with the basic glide of the Easy-Slide Operator hardware. Awning windows are great in places that could use extra ventilation and light. Because of the top-hinged design, these windows naturally prevent water from entering while open, even when it’s raining.

Awning windows are versatile to fit many different styles and rooms around the home. They can be installed higher up on a wall to maintain privacy or lower on a wall for easy operation. Awning windows are extremely energy efficient, especially since wind blowing on the outside can create an even tighter seal. Learn more about awning windows with inspiration, ideas and helpful resources below.

Also known as: top hinged windows

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Awning Window Features

Easy-to-Use Hardware

Enhanced Ventilation

Versatile Styling

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

We are proud to be Platinum-Certified Pella Contractors, which means when you get your new windows through us, we can provide you with one of the best warranties in the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Questions About Awning Windows

Where are Awning Windows Commonly Used?

Awning windows are commonly found in bathrooms, living rooms or anywhere else where extra ventilation and light are required. Because of the top-hinged design, awning windows can still be opened in the rain.

What's the Difference Between a Casement and Awning Window?

The difference between casement and awning windows is the placement of the hinged side. Casement windows are hinged at either the left or right side. Awning windows are hinged at the top. Both casement and awning windows swing outward to open and close with a crank that folds away when not in use.

Are Awning Windows Secure? 

Awning windows are very secure. They can only be opened with a crank on the inside and the common placement high on the wall further increases security.

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