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Repair or Replace Your Garage Door

Garage Door Repair vs. Garage Door Replacement Garage doors can last several decades without needing replacement if properly maintained. Some garage doors can simply be repaired while others need to be completely replaced. The best way to determine if you need a garage door repaired or replaced is to schedule annual preventative maintenance appointments with MPIRE Improvements. In the meantime, we have provided some helpful tips to help you determine whether a garage door repair or garage door replacement is better.

Repair Garage Door Cosmetic Damages Visible, yet simple garage door cosmetic damages can often be repaired. Items such as decorative hardware, weatherstripping and eye sensors are easy garage door repairs. If no structural damages or rust are evident, sometimes a nice paint job will breathe life back into your garage doors. Replace Damaged Sections Some damaged garage doors can't be repaired. However, a simple replacement of a garage door section may be all you need to get your garage door functioning properly again. A good way to determine if replacing the entire garage door is necessary is based on the age of the garage doors. A local garage door dealer should be able to help you determine when a garage door repair is sufficient, and when a full garage door replacement is needed. A new garage door can improve performance, enhance curb appeal, and increase your home’s value. Learn More About Garage Door ROI Replace Older Garage Doors If your garage doors are over 15 years old and are not operating properly, now may be the time to replace your garage doors. Garage door repairs on older garage doors often cost more than installing new ones. This is due to the limited availability of parts and upgraded garage door opener designs. New garage doors provide quieter operation, more efficient functionality and increased curb appeal. Explore Our Garage Doors Replace Garage Doors for Improved Efficiency Choosing a stylish yet energy-efficient garage door provides improved curb appeal and energy savings. Over time, garage doors can lose insulation, resulting in higher energy bills for homes with attached garages. Since there is no easy garage door repair solution for replacing insulation, replacing your old garage doors with new insulated garage doors make sense. With insulated garage doors, homeowners can enjoy comfortable temperatures in the garage all year long.

See how garage doors can improve your energy efficiency

Garage Door Repair vs. Replacement Cost When determining when to have a garage door repaired vs. replaced, several factors can be considered. Although cosmetics, color upgrades, and energy efficiency may play a role; budget is often the main factor when making this sort of decision. Although this may seem like a big expense, the latest Cost vs. Value report shows that replacing your garage doors is the #1 way to add value to your home.

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