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Everything You Need to Know About Wood Windows

Wood windows are classic, beautiful and built to last. Learn about why homeowners have been selecting wood windows for years.

Choosing Wood Windows for Your Home Wood windows have been used in homes for hundreds of years. Wood windows are elegant, aesthetically pleasing and are Pella’s most customizable material. Homeowners choose classic wood windows to outfit their homes for more than just looks. Wood windows offer many benefits, including long-lasting beauty and energy savings.

Wood is a natural insulator, which makes wood windows very energy efficient. Properly installed wood windows will help prevent leaks and airflow from affecting the temperature inside your house. Help regulate the interior temperature of your home with energy-efficient wood windows and you will likely see a decrease in home energy costs. When you choose Pella wood windows for your home, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they come with the best limited lifetime warranty for wood windows and patio doors.19 Choosing to install new or replacement wood windows in your home means you will enjoy their quality for many years. With proper care and maintenance, wood windows are well worth the extra bit of work. The extra maintenance time goes a long way in ensuring your windows stay up to the ideal standard of beauty they’re built for. Since wood is an organic material, unlike fiberglass or vinyl, wood windows will need additional weatherproofing and some occasional refinishing to keep both the exterior and interior window frames looking their best. Natural wear and tear on your wood windows is to be expected from opening and closing, but regularly re-staining or finishing your windows will keep them looking their best. Learning to refinish and stain your windows is a valuable, money-saving skill for any homeowner to have.

Exterior Window Cladding One option to consider when purchasing wood windows is outfitting your exterior wood frames with cladding. Cladding your window means you are protecting the integrity of your wood window on the outside by covering it with another material. This helps keep your window safe from severe weather and other outdoor elements. Another benefit to cladding is that you won’t need to refinish the exterior wood window frames as often, as cladding helps prevent the stain on your wood windows from fading. Exterior aluminum cladding comes standard on all Pella wood windows. Pella’s exterior aluminum-clad window option comes in a variety of paint colors to suit nearly any style of home. All aluminum-clad windows by Pella are finished using EnduraClad®, a low-maintenance, durable finish that will save you money on refinishing costs. If you’re unsure whether your home needs the extra protection of aluminum cladding, talk to a Pella window expert near you and they will be glad to discuss your options for wood windows.

Pella’s Wood Window Product Lines Wood windows come in many types, colors and sizes to fit the unique needs of your home’s architecture and regional location. Pella offers three product lines with wood window options to suit your lifestyle and your budget — Pella® Reserve™, Pella Architect Series® and Pella Lifestyle Series.

Made for the purists of design, Pella Reserve windows are meticulously designed to achieve your vision. We deliver tailor-made solutions in both historically-authentic traditional styles and industry-leading contemporary styles with intentional innovations to help achieve your unique vision without concessions. Pella Reserve products feature virtually unlimited customizations with uncompromised attention to detail, created for those who refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary. From extra tall to extra wide, Pella can craft unique windows that complement your aesthetic. Custom sizes, grille patterns and designs, finishes, wood types and glass options are available.

Pella Architect Series windows are a great option for any home. Architect Series wood windows are long-lasting, energy-efficient and versatile. These windows can be made to be more traditional in style or more contemporary and modern with clean lines depending on your preference. All Architect Series products feature distinctive detailing that adds architectural interest to your home — both inside and out. Customize your window further with wood window hardware in a style and finish that best matches your design style. The Architect Series product line offers a variety of handles and locks to complete your project. From elegant, traditional styling with fine detailing, to a sleek, minimalist design, find the best option for your personal style.

If you’re looking for a high-performing wood window, look no further than the Pella® Lifestyle Series. Rated the number one performing wood window for the combination of energy, sound control and value, the Lifestyle Series is a great solution for all homeowners.16 Available with many different features and options, our Lifestyle Series wood windows have the style flexibility to fit into any home. These beautiful wood windows are packed with innovative security and features like motorized built-in blinds. Operated through Insynctive Technology, you can control these elements through your smartphone or a remote control and make your day-to-day life simpler.14 When you’re ready to get started on your vision, our Pella DesignWorks tool can help you bring your dream to life. With DesignWorks, you simply upload a picture of your home into the tool and then change the windows in a virtual setting, allowing you to “try on” your windows before making your big purchase.

Features & Options for Wood Windows Our wood windows are available in three different kinds of wood: Pine, Mahogany and Douglas Fir. Each type of wood has the option to be stained or painted to match the décor of your home. Mahogany and Douglas Fir are available on Pella Reserve and Architect Series products, and Pine is standard on all wood product lines. Pella Reserve and Pella Architect Series windows are also available with a number of custom wood species, including White Oak, Red Oak, Cherry and Maple.

Pella Reserve windows are available in a wide variety of paints and stains, including custom colors. Architect Series windows have a variety of wood stain colors to choose from, ranging from natural to an ever-popular black. You can customize your windows to your specific needs and personal style. Pella® Lifestyle Series windows offer a number of wood interior stain options. All of our stains are water-based to reduce harmful odors and have been thoughtfully designed to complement your trim, floors or cabinets.

Choose to have your wood windows pre-finished with a paint coating and your order will arrive ready to install. There are a number of interior paint coatings to choose from, including finished White, Bright White, Linen White, Artisan Greige and primed. And with EnduraClad exterior finishes, you can choose one of our beautiful colors to perfectly complement your home’s exterior, or opt for a custom color on Pella Reserve and Pella Architect Series windows.

With Pella wood windows, even your hardware can be customized. Wood casement and awning windows offer a fold-away crank in styles to suit traditional and contemporary aesthetics of any home — even a rustic farmhouse. For double- and single-hung wood windows, there are classic spoon-style locks in multiple colorways including Bright Brass and Black.

In addition to hardware and finish colors, you can customize your wood windows even more with between-the-glass grilles. Grille patterns are an easy way to add character to your home. Stay in line with traditional stylings, like a Prairie-style grille pattern for Craftsman-style homes, or step outside the box and create a custom grille pattern.

For enhanced privacy and less maintenance, consider including between-the-glass blinds, available exclusively on Lifestyle Series windows. Placed between glass panes, the blinds stay free from dust and allergens and require no additional cleaning time on your part. This option is a great solution for pet owners or those who may be sensitive to allergens in their home. When you’re designing your windows, your local Pella expert can help you find the best solution for your needs.

Whether traditional, contemporary or transitional, wood windows are a beautiful design choice for any home. Wood windows bring a sense of comfort, warmth and elegance to a home. And with the widest variety of features, product testing and performance enhancements available, you can’t go wrong with Pella wood windows in your home.

Contact MPIRE Improvement window experts to learn more about upgrading to wood windows in your Central Kansas home.

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